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Who are we? What are we all about?  We do talk loads about your health and wellness journey, don’t we? And we always say we’re community-focused and well, obviously, we’re a health and wellness store…  but what really sets the Wellness Exchange apart?  And just *how* invested are we really in your wellness … and […]

The Wellness Exchange Experience: 5 ways we show up for your whole wellness journey

  We’ve all heard our parents or our esthetician or that online skincare expert we follow give their annual “don’t forget your sunscreen!” plug.  The truth is, their annual plug is one of the most crucial pieces of skincare advice you’ve ever received.  However, what we’ve learned is that which sunscreen product you choose plays […]

The Crucial Role of Natural Sunscreen: why choosing a natural sunscreen can protect you from risks you didn’t even know existed.

Have you heard of a dry body brush? If you’re any kind of beauty aficionado, there’s a good chance you have as its made its way onto the top of the all the wellness charts these days. With big promises to help drain and detoxify, one can’t help but wonder, is dry brushing really worth […]


We all seem to be on the never-ending quest for youthful, beautiful skin. So if you’re anything like us (obsessive) you’ve undoubtedly come across Gua Sha. But what is it exactly? Is it a tool? Is it a practice? What is it supposed to do? Are there any side effects? So. Many. Questions. The good […]


 Is Natural Wellness only for those people who have oodles of time on their hands to make their own soap? Or people who were born with an affinity for bland foods? Luckily for you and me, the answer is no! Natural Wellness is something that is increasingly accessible to everyone  and has life-changing mental and […]

I’m a Natural Wellness Newbie And I don’t know where to begin!

A window into the life of an NB Entrepreneur who is striving to simply and honestly live out a low waste lifestyle. Earth Day has gained incredible traction all over the world in the last few years! It’s amazing that so many people are talking about it and spreading awareness of its importance. Projects all […]

A Beginners Guide to an *attainable* Low Waste Lifestyle.

The Wellness Exchange_Moncton Health Food Store

This is a period of a lot of change for us here at the Wellness Exchange and for the Greater Moncton community.We know that you probably have some questions. I wanted to take some time and address some of the most common questions we’ve been getting. If you have any other questions that are not […]

All Your Questions About The Wellness Exchange, Answered.