Since 2015, Danielle has focused largely on community outreach, education, impact & environmental change within her business. Her purpose behind owning a wellness store is, and always will be, to help her community, not just the Greater Moncton Area, but also New Brunswick at large.

Whether she is providing free resources to her community on physical and mental health, donating money to local charities, providing a voice for other small businesses/entrepreneurs or leading the way in her industry with environmental change, Danielle has no plan on stopping and hopes to continue to expand and grow in the Greater Moncton Area, and around New Brunswick.

The Wellness Exchange is built around community. We hold the belief that an investment in each other is an investment in ourselves. Located in the heart of New Brunswick, we are here to educate, empower & create positive change in people's lives.



Under Danielle’s ownership, The Wellness Exchange sets itself apart from other local health food stores by: 

Creating diverse job opportunities
Carrying unique and exclusive products
Supporting local charitable organizations
Championing environmental best practices
Educating Greater Moncton on mental and physical health
Being recognized across the city for excellent customer service
Creating a platform for visibility for other small businesses in Moncton
Creating an innovative one-of-a-kind space community space in Greater Moncton.

Danielle is a big proponent of small business, sustainable living and empowering women in and around New Brunswick. In 2020, she won the Environmental Excellence Award at the Moncton Business Excellence awards. Check out what she’s been up to.