We hold the belief that an investment in each other is an investment in ourselves

Wellness is an all-encompassing word, which extends to our community. The Wellness Exchange is vested in the communities we serve and dedicated to creating positive change. Whether that is through educating, donating or volunteering, we pride ourselves on our involvement across Greater Moncton and around New Brunswick.


For every dollar we make at the Wellness Exchange, a portion goes back into our community. Over the last five years, we have donated to hundreds of local Moncton organizations like The Boys & Girls club, PRO kids Riverview, Moncton & Dieppe, Atlantic Wellness Centre and Junior Achievements.

That’s not all! At The Wellness Exchange we don’t just work within the four walls of our store. We get out in the community and educate. To date our founder, Danielle Gauvin and her team have presented over 100 free wellness talks to local schools and businesses in Greater Moncton. We love educating our community on nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing.

How We Give Back

“Thank you so much for everything you're doing during this time for your customers and also for the community!”

“I can’t get enough of your store! The feeling of genuine conversation with staff that cares so much about the customer is something rare. I can easily ask questions without feeling judged! I wouldn't want to shop elsewhere & keep up the amazing work.”

“Your recent community act made me cry; you're doing such amazing things in a time where community and small businesses are hurting. It's very inspiring.”

“We're currently on Day 14 of complete self-isolation because of travel, and your virtual store is giving me life right now!”

“The most wonderful experience walking into your store. Staff are the best and their knowledge is endless. My forever place. Thank you” 

“Truly such a welcome environment you provide. You should be so proud. Such a positive atmosphere every time I’m in.”