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What To Expect From This Partnership

This partnership is exciting for us because it allows us to combine our offerings and bring you an even deeper level of wellness offerings by complementing what we both do well!

The Wellness Exchange will provide EASTND clients access to safe, effective, trusted products for the entire family, and EASTND will share expertise with The Wellness Exchange customers to better your product education. This will empower you to truly understand your health conditions and treatment options!

Moving forward, you can expect:

Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplementation,
Online education +
In-store guides on wellness topics,
Events, workshops, and more.

EASTND clients can expect direct access to products you need through in-store shopping, home delivery, or parking pickup, invitation to private events, education, resources, and more.

The Wellness Exchange customers can expect recommendations for quality services at EASTND, such as: Naturopathic Consultations, Acupuncture, Access to Vitamin IVs, Injections, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy, Holistic Medical Aesthetics, Counselling, and Dietetic services!


EASTND is a modern wellness space with a goal of helping clients to feel vibrant, healthy, and beautiful from the inside out. They achieve this by integrating a variety of services that optimize clients hormonal, skin, digestive, and mental health. 

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Why The Wellness Exchange?

The Wellness Exchange is a wellness shop that nourishes, heals and grows the Moncton community both as individuals and as a collective. Unlike traditional wellness retailers, The Wellness Exchange provides a high-energy, highly-informed interactive experience both in and out-of store! 

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